USAID launches new Microlinks Beta website for Microfinance Professionals

USAID has re-launched it’s Microlinks website with new features and functionality to create a dynamic and collaborative learning environment for microenterprise development practitioners.

The original site will still be operational during the transition while the new beta website can be accessed at microlinks.kdid.orgmicrolinks microfinance usaid

About Microlinks Microfinance Website

Microlinks captures new learning in microenterprise development, disseminates it among practitioners, USAID mission staff, and other donors, and connects those actors to each other in order to improve development outcomes around the world. Using a knowledge-driven approach to microenterprise development, Microlinks aims to extend and multiply the impact of the learning and innovation developed through microenterprise research and practice.

Microlinks members now have many ways to tap into industry “know-how”:

USAID Microenterprise Development

USAID’s vision for microenterprise development includes increasing the ability of poor households to protect their assets and seize economic opportunities; helping microenterprises become more competitive in local, regional and global markets; and promoting policy and regulatory reforms that can ensure that economic growth is accompanied by poverty reduction.

USAID’s Microenterprise Development office supports Microlinks and a broad array of knowledge-sharing tools, strategies, and events through the Knowledge-Driven Microenterprise Development program, implemented by The QED Group, LLC and its sub-contractors,International Resources Group and Training Resources Group.

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