Ujjivan starts compliance with new RBI regulations

Effective last week Ujjivan Financial Services is in compliance with the new the RBI regulations for MFIs on the interest cap of 26% p.a , processing fee of 1% and discontinuance of security deposit on new loans which are funded under priority sector loans from banks. This will significantly benefit Ujjivan’s customers by reducing the effective cost on their loans.

Samit Ghosh, Managing Director said, “There are some concerns on the other recommended regulations. Firstly, MFls need to be given at least a month for implementing these changes. Second, the minimum two year tenure recommended for loans of Rs. 15,000 or more, will encourage misuse of funds, as majority of loans for customers are for working capital requirements of one year or less. Unnecessarily extending the loan period will ultimately lead to higher defaults, which is not RBI’s objective. Finally, there is concern on the appropriate methodology of implementing the margin cap, which needs to be further discussed and finalized, and MFIs need additional time to comply with this specific requirement.” ujjivan reserve bank india

Reduction in Loan Interest Rates

After the first year of profitable operations in 2009-10, Ujjivan voluntarily reduced loan interest rates nationally by nearly 3% p.a. in July 2010. More than 75 percent of the loans are used for small urban businesses and the rest used for varied purposes: housing, education, healthcare and emergencies. It is the largest MFI in Delhi and Mumbai.

Ujjivan Financial Services continues to have healthy business operations across twenty states, high portfolio quality with no exposure in Andhra Pradesh and sufficient liquidity to meet all its business requirements.

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