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Trust Challenge for Digital Media and Online Learning 2014

The Trust Challenge will be awarding up-to US$ 1.2 million (Rs 7.2 Crores) to museums, libraries, school districts, schools, community organizations, non governmental organizations, app developers, researchers, colleges and universities, and other institutional/ organizational partners who are willing to create collaborations or alliances that address existing real-world challenges to trust in connected learning environments.

Funding for Digital Media and Online Education:

trust digital media 2014

Successful applicants will develop digital tools — apps, badge systems, data management platforms, online learning content, etc. — that engender trust, safety, and privacy in connected learning environments, and that empower learners to connect and learn anywhere, anytime in ways that are equitable, social, participatory, and interest-driven.

Successful Trust Challenge proposals must bridge technological solutions with complex social considerations around trust and open standards, including how to:

Last Date for Applications : November 3, 2014

To apply and know more visit :

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