The Growing Demand of Residential Sector of Noida

One of the most exciting realty markets in the NCR today is undoubtedly Noida. It is witnessing a never before seen boom in real estate projects. The ongoing residential projects in Noida straddle all budgets and types. With its affordable prices, a developing market and a growing city, Noida is undoubtedly one of the best places to invest in the current property market.

New territories of Noida

Noida has been one of the forerunners when it comes to growth and development. With Delhi bursting at its seams and Gurgaon fast reaching peak, attention has shifted to Noida for some time now. However, even the central areas of this city, around sector 15 and 18, have already reached saturation. Consequently, the need came to expand its boundaries and look for newer pastures.

Luckily, the city still has plenty of unexplored land, ripe for property development. These areas have since then seen a boom. These include the land around the Greater Noida expressway and those areas attached to Greater Noida. Once miles of field now, this area has a number of construction sites dotting the landscape.

Luxury factor in Noida

Although one can still buy flats at affordable rates, there are a score of upcoming residential projects in Noida. Aimed at those who appreciate fine living, these residential properties are designed as far more than the four walls and few mod-cons that make up a house. Designed according to international standards, these properties offer many amenities and facilities.

Noida has a Bright future

Experts predict that Noida will remain a growing property market for quite some time. Property prices, still not as high as those in Gurgaon or Delhi, are likely to only go up as the demand for these flat shows an upward trend. Even newer residential projects have already doubled up from their original prices.

One of the reasons for this upward trend is Noida’s own success story. This satellite city of the Capital, fairly ignored even a decades ago, has seen an unprecedented growth in the last decade and half. A number of infrastructure projects have come up including expressways and the Metro that connects it to both Delhi and Greater Noida.

In addition is its own shooting commercial, industrial, and corporate growth, which has added to Noida’s burgeoning property market. As more and more big corporate and industrial bodies shift their attention to Noida, this city has seen quite an astounding growth. New schools, malls, healthcare, retail areas reflect just this. It has also ensured a steady stream of professionals, skilled and unskilled labour, businessmen, and traders looking for places to stay or invest in. This in turn is one of the main reason for Noida’s thriving property market.

The growth story of Noida is reflected in this little city’s rapidly growing real estate sector. Experts suggest that this is the ideal time to invest in its success story. The future surely looks bright!

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