The Bharat Microfinance Report – Quick Data 2009

Sa-Dhan Quick survey is a unique data set compiled since 2007, originally collecting data for the previous 3 financial years,since 2009 for the financial year just closed. It is carried out annually in April/May and refers to unaudited data on client outreach, portfolio, income and cost.

For the years since 2007, data for over 200 MFIs for each year is available. However, several MFIs have not reported continuously from year to year. Therefore, comparisons between years do not only refer to different sample sizes, but the samples also comprise of different MFIs. Accordingly, time series comprise of less MFIs than annual samples.

All MFI-data presented in this report for the year 2009 was collected between April and June 2009. Earlier MFI-data refers to previous Sa-Dhan Quick-Surveys.

Here are some of the salient features of the report:

  • Clients and Portfolio
  • The Bharat Microfinance Report — Quick Data 2009 reveals that Indian microfinance has reached out to 86.2 million clients and the portfolio outstanding of Rs. 351 billion including MFI channel actual data and SBLP estimated data for March 2009. Out of this MFI channel client outreach has grown at 60 per cent in 2009 against 41 per cent in 2008.

    The portfolio of MFIs has grown at 97 per cent during the year as compared to 72 per cent in the previous year. As compared to last year, this year report has made clear distinction between client outreach and active borrowers. Out of 22.6 million clients of MFIs, 17.9 million (79 per cent) are active borrowers. This year’s Quick Data is contributed by 233 MFIs as against 223 MFIs in Quick Data 2008.
    Clients & Portfolio

  • Poverty Outreach
  • Earlier reports reported on the MFIs coverage in poorest districts as per NREGP (phase 1 and 2) identified poorest districts. Out of these 331 poorest districts, MFIs have expanded their operations from 63% per cent in 2008 to 71% per cent in 2009. In total, they operate in 413 districts all over India.
    The proportion of women clients in the total clients in the current year remained same (80 per cent) as that in 2008. About 93 per cent of active borrowers are women in 2009. MFIs served 7.7 million clients from SC/ST & minority community background. About 20 per cent of MFI clients belong to SC/ST. The proportion of SC/ST clients declined from 30 per cent in 2008 to 20 per cent in 2009.
    While there is an increase in the percentage of borrowers above Rs.10,000/ from 2008 to 2009, a decrease in percentage of borrowers below Rs.5,000/ is observed. It may be accounted to increased loan size and more matured clients.Poverty Outreach

  • Borrowings and Net Owned Funds
  • MFIs’borrowing from banks has grown by 89% from March 2008 to March 2009; after 104% in the previous 12 months. End of March 2009, it amounted to Rs.99.2 billions. Net owned funds have expanded by an annual factor of more than 2.5 since 2007. End of March 2009, they amounted to Rs. 23.0 billions.


    The report will be released shortly and made available to the contributing MFIs and other Sa-Dhan Members.
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