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TechStars Conducts Inspire The Change Workshop at Telmex Hub

A free event that aims to help young entrepreneurs with limited resources learn about business skills was organized last month at the Telmex Hub in Mexico city. The event saw the participation of close to 50 individuals who attended the workshops held across four weekends.

During the workshop participants received hands on training on how to build websites and use different software tools that would help them in their future careers. Participants were also encouraged to form their own teams on the first day. The teams then developed their startup idea over the next few weekends. On the final day they pitched their startup ideas to receive feedback from their peers and mentors.


The winning team received Intel Tablets while the runners-up received access to Digital Marketing tools. Other prizes included beauty kits and access to on-line tools.

After the successful conclusion of the workshop in Mexico city, the workshop will now be organized across different engineering colleges in the regions of Guadalajara and Chiapas regions of Mexico in the coming months. Some of the notable sponsors who made this event possible were TechStars Mexico, IBM, Intel, Thales Foundation, DELTA and GirlPower.

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