Time to be smart and pick up that Car Insurance


The first thing I knew I wanted to do once I began working was pick up a car of my own. I had my eyes set on the car brand and model, and I was all set. The one thing that my dad spoke to me when I mentioned making a car purchase was car insurance.  Even though I knew of it, I did not pay too much attention. But my dad’s insight about car insurance got me thinking and I decided to do some digging around on it.

Car Insurance is extremely important as it protects the vehicle from damages caused due to automobile related issues or accidents and so on. It was also one way to ensure I don’t dig into my wallet whenever there is a problem with the car, thereby saving me money as well.  The thought of being stuck in the middle of nowhere with the car refusing to start is such a nightmare. And then there are the natural disasters, which are completely out of our control. It is best to therefore be prepared and have coverage that protects not only our interest but also the vehicle.



I discovered there was companies offering car insurance online which made it easier to apply, and obtain a policy with out the chaos of documentations or visits to their offices.  When talking to friends, they asked me to look out for certain key features related to coverage and ease of renewal and so on. I noticed that with car insurance online, the websites provided complete end-to-end information.

I came to know that with a good car insurance policy, I could

  • Avail cashless facility across the country not to forget the round-the-clock roadside assistance in case of emergencies.
  • The insurance company also provided tow service in case on the spot repairs is not possible.
  • A good car insurance policy ensured the repairs were done within the least time with no delays.
  • With respect to damages covered, it included theft of car parts or/and accessories as well.
  • Offers third party cover up to a certain limit.
  • Car Insurance Renewal is also offered on the same websites.

Car Insurance Renewal can be done online which makes it super easy. All I had to do was visit the car insurance website, provide my details and renew the same by making the payment. I would receive the renewed policy via email and that was it.

All this felt like a wake up call for me, and without any further delay I went ahead and signed up for a car insurance policy, and noted down details that will come in handy when it comes to car insurance renewal as well.

Time for our weekend drive now, off I go to enjoy!

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