SKS Microfinance founder Vikram Akula locked in bitter custody battle with former wife.

Vikram Akula the founder of SKS Microfinance which only recently filed it’s draft red herring prospectus with the Securities and Exchange Board of India has been involved in a long and protracted battle with his former wife Malini Byanna in US and Indian Courts.The Supreme Court of India is now expected to decide if it has jurisdiction on this custody battle  in the last week of March 2010. The courts are expected to decide whether Byanna was a resident of India and not a resident of the U.S . Byanna’s lawyers claim that both Tejas and Byanna are U.S. citizens.

Malini Byanna told indiawest.com that she met Vikram Akula in 1996 at a fundraiser, and they courted for more than three years before Vikram Akula proposed to her in 1999. However the relationship was short lived and the couple later divorced in 2001 and Byanna went on to found Lotus Rising a non profit organisation which supports victims of domestic abuse and violence in the US. Vikram Akula was later on convicted of domestic battery by the US Courts in 2004.

The two faces of Vikram Akula - Man who empowered millions of rural women was convicted for domestic battery by US Courts in 2004. Vikram Akula with Malini Byanna in happier times. Credit:indiawest.com

In an interview with India West, Malini Byanna has accused Vikram Akula and his family of using money, influence, and power to bankrupt and debilitate her so that she would hand over custody of their nine year old son Tejas.

Update – 10/08/2010 – The article by India West is no longer available on their website.Vikram Akula’s lawyers might know why the article has disappeared.

A copy of the article can still be read at – http://dastardlydads.blogspot.com/2010/04/mom-fights-to-regain-custody-of-son-in.html

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