Shakti Pirakkudhu – A feature film about Microfinance by MMFL

Madura Micro Finance Ltd. (MMFL) has launched a unique project – a feature film ‘Shakti Pirakkudhu’. The film created in association with filmmaker Usha Rajeswari of Prakriti Jiva Media is based on the true-life stories of many of the self-help group women of Madurai, as well as case studies of small businesses.

Trailer of Shakti Pirakkudhu – A film on microfinance self help groups

Link to Video

Shakti Pirakkudhu is an attempt to create a role model and spark greater aspirations among SHG members. As a follow up effort, MMFL has developed various initiatives that include a business education program for the semi-literate.

Shakti Pirakkudhu touches on various principles of business demonstrating things that can go wrong. Importantly, however, it places these in the context of the complex web of human relationships, emotions and attitudes.

Madura Micro finance plans to show this feature film to all it’s members and the general public.

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