SendX  - A 360° email marketing automation and lead generation tool for SMBs

Let me start by asking a few questions—

Does your business have a presence online?

Do you want to generate more leads to grow your business?

Do you want to increase user’s engagement on your platform?

If the answer of any of the questions is YES, then SendX can help you in your growth. Our mission at SendX is to help small and medium sized businesses grow faster by enabling them with world class & easy to use lead generation and marketing automation capabilities at an affordable price. Most of these capabilities have previously been available to the high end of the market who is ready to shell out thousands of dollar every month (along with an initial setup fee).

We have built a highly opinionated product that only has features that deeply resonate with the needs of the Small and Medium-sized Businesses. This enables us in creating an easy to use & an intuitive product at a price that fits the budget of SMBs. Hence empowering them with the right set of tools and enabling their faster growth.

Now, let’s dive into the product and show you how we can help solve these critical problems like lead generation, conversion, churn reduction, user engagement etc with SendX.

1. Conversion Widgets and Landing Pages

email layout

SendX lets you design beautiful opt-In forms, call to action pop-ups and landing pages in a matter of minutes, literally. The user interface is magically easy to use making you feel like a wizard who can design beautiful looking widgets in a matter of minutes. You get to see how they look on your site right there without ever going out of SendX. No more back and forth between tabs and page refreshes to check how your widget actually looks on the site. You can configure user behaviors which act as triggers and display widgets on your site. Once done, you either use our WordPress plugin or drop in few lines of script on your site and that’s it.

Literally, in a matter of minutes, you have your own user behavior driven, custom designed widgets and/or landing page that actually converts.

2. Email Campaigns


SendX comes with sophisticated Email campaign engine that lets you design, schedule and send personalised email-marketing campaigns (RSS, HTML and plain text) to a segment of your user base. Once the campaign is sent you can see detailed analytics on how your campaign is performing. Stats on “sent”, “delivered”, “opened”, “link clicked” etc are available in real time and is segmented both at campaign and user level.

I have written in detail about how to do email campaign at scale with SendX.

3. Email Drip Sequences


Drip is the next level of email campaigns. It is a sequences of emails that are separated by a pre-defined time interval. Once triggered for a user, he will keep receiving these emails from your end at the specified time without you needing to do anything at all. Again, like campaign you get deep analytics over each and every email that gets delivered.

So be it setting up an email course or creating an email sequence for user on-boarding emails, drip, with its drag and drop interface would help you do that in a breeze.

4. Automation


Automation is the most powerful feature of SendX. It is full blown ‘If This Then That’ system. It lets you specify triggers (performed by the user) and a map actions to those triggers. This lets you move your marketing to autopilot mode.

For ex —

  • If a contact clicked a ‘Product A’ link in the email then associate ‘Product A’ interested tag to him.
  • If a contact has subscribed to Trial users list then initiate On-boarding drip sequence for him.
  • If a contact has already made a payment then don’t send him remaining emails of drip sequence ‘Nudge’ for the upgrade.

The above tool set enables SMBs to completely automate their lead generation and email marketing. Since you use a single tool end-to-end you don’t need to duct tape your analytics between a lead generation tool, email marketing tool and an automation system. There is a reason to call it a 360° solution for email marketing after all :).

What do you think about SendX? Write in comments if you have any question and I would love to answer.

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