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Call for proposals under TDB Seed Support to Business Incubators

Fifth Round of Invitation for Proposals under Seed Support Scheme

1.Technology Development Board (TDB), Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India has been enacted  to provide soft financing to Indian companies enabling commercialization of their innovations.

2. As  a  proactive  step,  TDB has  started  Seed  Support  Scheme for  technology  start-ups  in Technology  Business Incubators (TBIs)/ Science and Technology Parks (STEPs) by providing grant upto Rs. 1 crore each over a period of upto three years.

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TDB hereby invites proposals from STEPs/ TBIs/ Institutions having similar infrastructure and capabilities for grant support for Technology Start ups. Interested organizations may forward comprehensive proposals by July 31, 2011 in the specified format (annexed) by email and also in print to:-

Mr H.K.Mittal, Secretary,

Technology Development Board, Vishwakarma Bhawan, Shaheed Jeet Singh Marg, New Delhi

Tel: 011 2653 7349, Fax: 2653 1862

Email: Website:

3. STEPs / TBIs are supposed to have “Space + Service + Knowledge + In house Technology start up incubatees”.

4. STEPs / TBIs may use TDB grants to provide loan and / or equity support to their in-house incubatees based  on transparent policies & procedures. The total upper ceiling of financial assistance to be disbursed to an incubatee is limited to Rs. 25 lakhs per incubatee. Other Terms and conditions are required to be adopted by  the  fund managers at the forum of “ Project Management Committee” in which TDB is represented.

5. The financial assistance to technology startups is basically to cater to early stage support requiring  up-scaling  of innovations and related work. This, however, can be a substitute to Project Financing. The incubatees must also have reasonable financial stakes. Off- course other sources of finance can also be availed by incubatees. The financial assistance is for incubated entrepreneur only and not for administrative /expenses / facilities creation of /by STEP/TBI. As per the provisions of TDB Act, it must be used for commercializing innovations involving major / substantial / reasonable technology development. Mere applications development / product and / or services creation  using existing technology platforms do not qualify.

6. The list of some STEP / TDI supported under this scheme is as below:-

NoCompany Name & TitleWebsite
1JSSATE-STEP, Noida :”Technological Business Incubator”
2Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore : “Technological Business Incubator”
3TREC-STEP, Tiruchirappalli: “Technological Business Incubators”
4SINE, lIT, Powai, Mumbai: “Technological Business Incubators”
5Centre for Innovation and Incubation, 11M, Ahmedabad: “Technology Business Incubators”
6PSG College of Technology, Science & Technology Entrepreneurial Park, Coimbatore – 641 004 : “Technological Business Incubator”
7Sri Jayachamarajendra College of Engineering, Science & Technology Entrepreneurs Park, JSS Technical Institution Campus, Mysore : “Technological Business Incubator”
8Technology Business Incubator (TBI), Kongu Engineering

College Perundurai Erode :”Technological Business Incubator”
9SIDBI Innovation and Incubation Centre, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur ,Kanpur – 208016 (UP): “Technological Business Incubator”
10Agri- Business Incubators (ABI) International Crops Research

Institute, for the Semi -Arid Tropic (ICRISA T), Patancheru

:”Technological Business Incubator”

http://www.agri-sciencep ark.icris
11NITK- STEP, National Institute of Technology, P.O. Srinivasnagar, Surathkal, D. K. District (Karnataka)

:”Technological Business Incubator”
12IITMs, Rural Technology and Business Incubator, lIT Madras, Chennai: “Technological Business Incubator”
13Entrepreneurship Development Centre, 100, NCL Innovation

Park, Dr. Romi Bhabha Road, Pune : “Technological Business Incubator”
14Amity Innovation Incubator, Amity University Campus, Noida

(UP): “Technological Business Incubator”
15Amrita Technology Business Incubator, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Amritapuri Campus, Clappana, (P.O.), Kollam (Kerala): “Technological Business Incubator”

Application Format


Executive Summary ( two pages plus Power Point Presentation – 9 slides)

1. Seed Fund Requirement

1.1 Need & Rationale

1.2 Benefits of Fund

1.3 Proposed Utilization Strategy

2.General Information

2.1 Organizational Details

2.2 Management Team

2.3 Governing Body

2.4 Monitoring

3.Profile of STEP/TBI

3.1 About STEP/TBI

3.2 Objectives

3.3 Modalities

4. Facilities at STEP/TBI

4.1 STEP/TBI Infrastructure

4.2 Incubation Facilities

4.3 Product Development Centre

4.4 Incubator Space & Occupancy Details

4.5 Services Offered

4.6 List and profiles of Mentor persons/ institutions

4.7 others.

5. Entrepreneurs Assisted

5.1 Number of Entrepreneurs Assisted

5.2 Cumulative year-wise details of Entrepreneurs Assisted

5.3 Present Incubatees

5.4 Entrepreneurs Graduated

5.5 Entrepreneurs Assisted in other Areas

6. Achievements of STEP/TBI Incubatees

6.1 Employment Generated

6.2 Contribution to Exchequer

6.3 Mergers, Acquisition & Venture Funding

6.4 ISO Certifications

6.5 Awards

6.6 Positions held

7.Profile of Select Entrepreneurs

7.1 M/s XYZ

7.2 M/s ABC

7.3 M/s PQR

7.4 M/s DEF

7.5 M/s GRI

7.6 M/s JKL

7.7 M/s …..

8. Association of STEP/ TBI

8.1 National Entrepreneurship Network

8.2 Industry Associations

8.3 Government Bodies

8.4 Mentor Institutions

8.5 Others

9. Any other relevant information

Annexure – 1 Audited Financial Statements for last 3 years

Annexure – 2 Members of Governing Body

Annexure – 3 Appreciations by Dignitaries

Download the above format and other details in pdf format here.

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