SE Investments Ltd to consider another stock split

The company had previously split its stock from face value of Rs. 10/- per share into the 5 shares of Rs. 2/- each.

S.E. Investments Ltd a microfinance non banking finance company(NBFC)  listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange(BSE) has informed BSE that in a meeting held on July 05  ,2010 the Board of Directors of the Company has approved sub-division (stock split) of One Equity Shares of Rs. 2/- each of the Company into 2 (Two) equity shares of Re. 1/- each, subject of the approval of shareholders of the company

The Company will also be changing its name from S E Investments Ltd to “SEIL MICROFIN LIMITED” by filing an application with the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and other concerned authorities.

In May 2010 S.E. Investments Ltd had issued Bonus shares in the ratio of 3:1 (Three Shares for every one Share of Rs. 2/- each).This is also the second stock split announcement by the company. Before the issue of bonus shares in April , 2010 the company had it’s stock split from Rs. 10/- per share of the Company into the 5 shares of Rs. 2/- each.

The companys stock price on the stock exchange is currently trading at it’s 52 week high indicating the aggressive bullish sentiment prevailing among investors.

Stock Price of the S E Investments Ltd in the last 6 month from Jan 2010 to June 2010 adjusted for stock split and bonus issue.

seinvest microfin stock price
SEIL Stock price on the BSE – D stands for Divident,S stands for Stock split and B for Bonus issue
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