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Scholarship for Indian Women Entrepreneurs 2014

The Bonita Trust, the Israel Asia Leaders Fellowship, and the Sofaer International MBA at Tel Aviv University present a unique scholarship opportunity for Indian Female Entrepreneurs.

Bonita Trust Israel-India Leaders Scholarship


  • Full tuition at Tel Aviv University’s International MBA
  • Full participation in the Israel-Asia Leaders Fellowship
  • Potential seed funding for an Israel-India venture following program

scholarship india women 2014


  • Relevant for the 2014-15 academic year
  • Applicants must meet the admission guidelines for both the Sofaer International MBA and the Israel-Asia Leaders Fellowship
  • GMAT or GRE is required

Interested applicants are asked to complete the following form.

Questions can be sent to: 

Sofaer International MBA: Rebecca Ash, Admission Director, rebash@tauex.tau.ac.il

Israel-Asia Leaders Fellowship: fellowship@israelasiacenter.org

Sofaer International MBA

The Sofaer International MBA offers a dynamic 1-year program embedded in Tel Aviv, a global hub of entrepreneurship and innovation. By combining analytical skills, practical experience, and multifaceted career management support, the IMBA empowers students to FAST FORWARD in any professional setting – from small start-up to multinational conglomerate – in Israel or abroad.

Website: imba.tau.ac.il

The Israel Asia Center

The Israel-Asia Center is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to building a shared future between Israel and Asia.  The organization develops and invests in the next generation of leaders in Israel-Asia relations, and are growing dynamic networks to maximize their continued engagement and build new paradigms of cooperation.

The Israel-Asia Leaders fellowship develops and invests in the next generation of leaders in Israel-Asia relations by providing Asian students studying in Israel with the high-level access, contacts, skills-set and support network necessary to build long-term, strategic partnerships with Israel through their professional careers on return to their home countries. The program is part-time and is designed to supplement students’ existing university study programs while in Israel.

Website: israelasiacenter.org

The Bonita Trust

The Bonita Trust is a philanthropic trust established under Gibraltar law in 2004, with its vision to help communities address some of the important health and education challenges facing them, leveraging cutting edge technologies and Internet-based solutions. Since its inception Bonita has committed over £15 million pounds to both communal based and cross-border projects in the areas of health, medical research, human community services, education, culture and heritage, female entrepreneurship and disaster relief.

Website: bonitatrust.org

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