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Schemes of Ministry of Environment and Forests for Animal Welfare

The objective of the Animal Welfare Division of the Ministry is to prevent cruelty to animals and implement the provisions of the ‘Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960’ (59 of 1960).

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Scheme for provision of Shelter Houses for Looking after the Animals

Objectives of the Scheme:

Making provision for establishment and maintenance of shelter houses in all the districts of the country for care and protection of the animals.

Components of the Scheme:

i) Construction of Shelter Houses in each district.
ii) Construction of small health care centre for each shelter house.
iii) Construction of water troughs.
iv) Purchase of medical equipments
v) Purchase of medicines


This is a Central Sector Scheme and the NGOs are assisted to the extent of 90 percent of the project cost of the construction of a shelter house with a ceiling of Rs. 25 lakhs including 10 percent contribution to be made by the NGOs. The amount is released to NGOs in two equal installments for a maximum of Rs.11.25 lakhs for the items as mentioned in the common application for NGO Schemes as mentioned above. A list of documents required to be submitted for this scheme is also enclosed with the common application form.

Scheme for Birth Control and Immunization of Stray Dogs and Medical Screening of and Treatment of Tuberculosis in Urbanized Monkeys of Delhi

Objectives of the Scheme

To control the population of stray dogs by sterilization and reduce the incidence of rabies by immunization. The sterilization-cum-immunization of stray dogs will be conducted on area basis approach and proper records will be maintained.

Eligibility for assistance and descriptions of the manner in which the scheme will be implemented including the agency through which the scheme will be executed.

1. Under the schme, the funds will be provided to the AWOs/SPCAs working under municipalities/ rural areas by the Ministry of Environment & Forests on receipt of the application in the prescribed performs and subject to the terms and conditions laid down for the purpose.

2. the agencies eligible for assistance shall be the AWOs/SPCAs working in collaboration of Municipalities/Coporations/Committees/Gram Panchayats and registered under the Indian Societies’ Registration Act, 1860 (XX1 of 1860), and Municipal Corporations/Committees and other local bodies. Assistance will also be granted to State Veterinary Departments in appropriate cases. The AWOs/SPCAs should meet the following requirements:

(a) The Organisation should have experience of working towards the cause of animal welfare or should show evidence of competence to take up the proposed scheme,

(b) It should have an appropriate administrative structure and duly constituted managing/executive committee.

(c) The organization shall give an undertaking to submit reports and returns periodically and punctually as prescribed by the Government of India (Ministry of E&F) from time to time.

(d) The Organisation should have sufficient space to carry out the animal birth control programme and other facilities such as operation theatre, shelter for post surgery care, vehicle to transport the dogs from and to the concerned locality from where the animal was picked up and qualified veterinary doctor(s) who are registered veterinary practitioner with Indian Veterinary Council/State/UT Veterinary Council and required number of Para-Vets to carry out the sterilization and immunization of the dogs.

(e) In the event of organizations proposing to undertake catching and release of sterilized stray dogs, the organization should have arrangements for a vehicle to transport the dogs from and to the concerned localities from where the animal was picked up. The NGO/agency should have capacity to engage trained dog-catchers, trained by vets/experts.

Extent of support to the project:

At the project formulation stage, implementing agency shall submit a detailed proposal clearly indicating the number of animals which are likely to be sterilized and immunized in the current year and total expenditure to be incurred for the purpose. Total amount with a ceiling of Rs. 340/-per animal for carrying out sterilization and immunization will be made available by the Central Government. If the actual expenditure is below the grants sanctioned for the purpose, the unutilized amount shall be refunded to the Central Government.

Vaccination certificate has to be prepared by the concerned AWO/SPCA. Identification of sterilized dogs will be made by ear tailoring.

Application and sanction:

An AWO/SPCA willing to apply for grants-in-aid under the scheme will send their application in the prescribed proforma to the Ministry of Environment & Forests. On receipt of an application for grants-in-aid, inspection will be undertaken by the prescribed agency. On the basis of inspection report of the prescribed agency the proposal will duly be processed.

Scheme for provision of Ambulance Services to Animals in Distress

A large number of domestic, stray and uncared for animals need care and protection particularly in times of natural calamities such as floods, droughts, famines, forest fires etc. In addition animals frequently suffer from injuries and disabilities as a result of road accidents or diseases. The infrastructure for provision of emergency services to animals is almost non-existent and there is a need to strengthen the capabilities of organization working in the field at the, grass root level through out the country.

Programme Objective

The basic objective of the scheme will be to make available emergency services to animals in distress through out-the country by provision of appropriate assistance to competent organization working in the Field.

Items for which assistance will be given

Under the scheme financial assistance will be provided to eligible organizations or now-recurring expenditure alone:

i) Purchase of suitable vehicles for transportation of animals as well at for modification necessary in the vehicle for the purpose;

ii) Equipment and fittings in the, vehicle;

The recurring expenditure will be borne by the implementing agency only.

Application and Sanction

An Organisation desirous to apply for grant-in-aid under this, program will send its application to an authority or body designated for the purpose by the Ministry of E&F.

Scheme for Scholarships to the Students for Studies Abroad in Animal Welfare

Keeping in view the limited opportunity for higher studies in the field of animal welfare, a scheme for Scholarships to the Students for Studies Abroad in Animal Welfare has been introduced during the year 1999-2000. Under this Scheme, the eligible students who desire to take up higher studies abroad, will be provided with admissible scholarships for taking up short-term courses.

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