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Sanitation Innovation Challenge 2014

The Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS) is inviting Expressions of Interest (EOI) from innovators, suppliers and specialists to the Sanitation Innovation Challenge (SanIC) 2014.

Sanitation Innovation Challenge 2014

The objectives of the challenge are to mobilise innovative sanitation technologies and solutions towards providing more appropriate solutions to South Africa’s sanitation challenge. Sanitation innovations are regarded as those systems or solutions which are alternative to conventional waterborne sewerage and onsite ventilated improved pit latrines. The proposed technologies should provide sustainable sanitation services to urban, peri-urban and rural areas and take into account effectiveness, social preferences, water resource availability, and affordability, possible beneficiation of waste products, economic development and cost reduction in the sanitation delivery chain.

The Challenge will provide a vehicle for evaluation and demonstration of the technology. The outcomes of the evaluations will be used to provide strong recommendations to national and local government on the appropriateness and effectiveness of the assessed technologies.


The proposer should demonstrate the underlying scientific principles behind the technology, demonstrate the rationale behind design features, fabrication and implementation cost, O&M requirements, level of readiness, number of units installed, target location (rural, peri-urban and/or urban), and detail any previous demonstrations (location, scale, partners, outputs). Preference will be given to those solutions that are demonstration ready. The EOI should be concise (not more than 20 pages) and include diagrams and photos. Brochures can be added as additional information.

Last Date to submit your applications : 30 September 2014

To submit your completed applications visit :

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