Sa-dhan State Chapter formed in West Bengal

After much discussions and interactions, the Association of Community Development Finance Institutions (Sa-Dhan) has established its second state chapter in West Bengal on the 30th of July 2010. The decision was unanimously made and passed by the house.This has been in continuation to its Orissa state chapter which was set up earlier in the month. The state chapters are a response to the pressing needs and demands of the sector and that of the association.

The meeting saw 16 member organizations of a total of 23 SaDhan members within West Bengal.With nineteen participants from the represented organizations, Sa-Dhan additionally was represented by Achla Savyasaachi, Kolandavel Natarajan and Vidusi Tiwari. The house made a unanimous decision of having the meeting chaired by Mr. Ajit Kumar Maity of Village Welfare Society.

saadhan kolkotta

Sa Dhan Members at the meeting in West Bengal. Img-credit:sa-dhan.net

It was collectively decided that the state chapter of West Bengal will address the concerns of the state members irrespective of their size. It was emphasized that Sa-Dhan promoted all organizations, whether large medium or small. The state chapter also took upon itself to facilitate the growth of the microfinance sector within the state. The formation of the state chapter attracted much appreciation from its members and is considered timely for tackling state level microfinance issues.

Members of the state also feel confident that the West Bengal chapter would set an example for other states. Finally, the house selected the office bearers and chose the following names for the Working Committee:

President: Mr. Ajit Kumar Maity,Village Welfare Society (VWS)
Vice President: Mr. C.S. Ghosh,Bandhan Financial Services Pvt. Ltd

Ms. Gitanjali Sathpathy, KSDF
Mr. Pranab Rakshit, Sarala Women Welfare Society
Mr. G.C. Modak, Society for Model Gram Bikash Kendra
To be nominated UJJIVAN
Mr. Pulak Kumar Dey Coochbehar Khagrabari Relief Services, KRS

Permanent Invitees:

A preparatory meeting was scheduled for the month of August to further discuss the inauguration of the chapter. The last week of September has been suggested for the same.

Source – Sa-Dhan

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