Rural Infrastructure Development Fund disbursements cross Rs 1,00,000 Crore

NABARD has achieved the milestone of disbursing more than 1,00,000 crore from Rural Infrastructure Development Fund. As at the end of September 2011, NABARD has disbursed 1,02,844 crore to 28 States and Union Territory of Puduchery.

nabard ridf

Rural infrastructure development fund – RIDF

This include 18,500 crore disbursed to National Rural Roads Development Agency (NRRDA), New Delhi. Andhra Pradesh (9,711 cr.), Uttar Pradesh (7984 cr.), Gujarat (7,324 cr.), Tamil Nadu (6,523 cr.), Madhya Pradesh (5,464 cr.), Maharashtra (5,493 cr,), Rajasthan (5,406 cr.) West Bengal (4,694 cr.) Karnataka (4,406 cr.) topped the list of States which have availed maximum loan from RIDF. The loan is presently available to the State Govts. at 6.5% interest p.a.

The fund has touched the lives of rural population in more than one way by creating infrastructure in 31 approved activities during the last seventeen years.

For the current year (under RIDF XVII), an amount of 2,000 crore has been earmarked specifically for creation of warehousing infrastructure in different states. This, besides streamlining the management of foodgrains across all States, will take the growth trajectory of RIDF to a new high during this year.

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