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Rural Entrepreneurship Development Programme in India – An Impact Assessment

Early this year the Department of Economic Analysis and Research, National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development, Mumbai, India released an occasional paper authored by Dr G.D Banerjee about the impact of the various Rural Entrepreneurship Development Programmes (REDP) in India conducted by NABARD.

The paper which is available in both English and Hindi can be downloaded at the link below :

india entrepreneur case study

Rural Entrepreneurship Development Programme in India


Rural Entrepreneurship India Study – NABARD-pdf-148-pages-1-MB



I. Introduction

II. NABARD and Rural Entrepreneurship Development Programme (REDP) -An Over View

III. Objectives and Methodology

IV. Progress of REDPs in Selected States

V. Process involved in Organizing REDP’s

VI. Socio -Economic Profile of REDP’s Trainees

VII. Economics of REDP’s Investment

VIII. Impact of REDP’s- Income, Employment and Success Rate

IX. Credit Linkage and its Related Issues

X. Summary and Recommendations

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