Rice Husk Based Electricity – Get Central Finance Assistance

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) is promoting rice husk based distributed / off grid electricity generation through biomass gasifier system for meeting unmet demand of electricity in rural areas.

MNRE provides Central Finance Assistance (CFA) @ Rs.15,000 per kW besides providing financial support  of Rs.1.0 lakh per km for a maximum of 3 km, for laying distribution network in association with state governments, NGOs, village level organizations, institutions, private entrepreneurs etc.


So far about 70 rice husk based gasifiser systems of 32 kW each have been installed in rural areas of the country, mainly in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, providing electricity needs of about 200 villages / hamlets so far.

Each system is capable of providing electricity to more than 200-250 households and other establishments for 5-6 hours daily in the evening with an average load of 25-30 kW.

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