Re-Feel Print Cartridges opens 100th Store in India

Scored a ton and still growing strong. Kolkata based Re-feel Cartridge Engineering has stunned market players by opening up 100 stores, all across the country, in a pioneering industry of biodegradable computer cartridge.

As more and more companies are drowning in a sea of increase operation costs, the market for recycled computer print cartridges is hitting high tide. So it becomes amply evident that 2010 has been a highly rewarding year for the company. Re-feel went on to appoint a franchise every fifth day in a year, taking its total to 100 stores.refeel print catridges

Says Alkesh Agarwal, CEO, Re-feel, “As we celebrate the opening of 100 stores we are looking to greet our customers with some exciting offers by the end of this month. Such an amazing achievement in such a short time span has boosted the confidence of Re-feel and it is looking forward to make the most of the success in the near future.”

Says Mr. Bothra, one of the franchisees, “It feels great to be a part of the leaders of the cartridge refilling industry. The industry is booming and we are celebrating the success of hundred stores and plan to take it from here onwards.”

The refilling market is approximately a Rs 3000 crore industry.
Re-feel now taps a major segment of the Indian market and presently leads the cartridge refilling industry in the country. The numbers are expected to multiply as the industry is still new and possesses great growth potential.

The domestic market for printer cartridge refilling and remanufacturing has been estimated at Rs 3,000 crore, growing at 30 per cent annually. The cartridge refilling segment in India is highly fragmented, with almost 40,000 small refillers.

Hence, this is a nascent industry and so far, looking at the fast progress of Re-feel, it becomes amply evident that they have emerged as the market leaders in this field, with competitors lagging far behind.

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