Rabo India provides Rs 35 Cr debt facility to Asmitha Microfinance

rabobank-logo-printRabo India has provided debt funds of INR 350 Million to Asmitha Microfin Limited (AML). Asmitha Microfin Limited is one of the top five micro finance institutions in India in terms of portfolio size. The institution is presently serving over 1.36 million customers with a loan portfolio of about Rs. 990 crore (USD 220 million).

Asmitha has a network of over 540 branches across 140 districts in 14 states pan India. Further, the institution has experienced rapid growth in the last three years and was highly rated by rating agencies CRISIL and M-CRIL. Asmitha has been listed as 29th best among the top 50 MFIs in the world, by Forbes Magazine, USA and it aims to reach out to over 4 million clients with a portfolio of INR 50 billion by 2013.

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