Prof M S Sriram reviews Dr Vikram Akula’s book – Fistful of Rice

By M S Sriram

This is not the best of the times to review Vikram Akula’s book. He is hanging on a roller-coaster ride that started in 1998 and has seen the world turn topsy-turvy. For him, a celebrity, the party was well-planned: His organisation SKS Microfinance had a blockbuster IPO, listed at a premium, and he would have moved on a book promotional tour before differences led to the sacking of SKS CEO, and a regulatory tsunami hit the state of Andhra Pradesh, where his operations were concentrated. Read the rest on Business Standardfistful of rice vikram akula book

Other Reviews of the Book follow below

Book Review of A Fistful of Rice – By Beyond Profit

In his new book, SKS Microfinance founder Vikram Akula narrates how he began one of the largest and most controversial for-profit microfinance institutions in the world.

Indian microfinance giant SKS Microfinance has gained considerable media notoriety over the past five years. Its explosive growth has come as a surprise to many microfinance experts around the world and SKS’s recent initial public offering (IPO) was a triumph. Read more on Beyond Profit

Fistful of Rice Book argues for making a profit while helping poor

Is making a profit from the poor a form of exploitation? It’s a frequently raised question in the world of microfinance, where financial services such as loans are provided to those who have not traditionally had access to banks. Read more on USA Today

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