Organic farming in India to touch Rs 10,000 Crore by 2015

Organic farming in India is likely to be worth Rs 10,000 crore by 2015 from the current levels of about Rs 2,500 crore, apex industry body ASSOCHAM said today.

Indian organic food market is growing at a steady rate of 40 per cent annually more so because of a growing population with high disposable income and rising health consciousness.

organic vegetables

Currently India has about 4.5 million hectares area under certified organic farms and the number is growing fast. The global organic market currently stands at around US$ 65 billion and is growing at a robust annual rate of over 5 billion dollars.

Certified organic products including all varieties of food products namely basmati rice, pulses, honey, tea, spices, coffee, oil seeds, fruits, processed food, cereals, herbal medicines and their value added products are produced in India. Apart from edible sector organic cotton fiber, garments, cosmetics, functional food products, body care products etc. are also produced.

Although, organic farming is picking up pace in India but the sector has been jostling with lack of awareness, knowledge and confidence about organic farming, food products among both farmers and consumers.

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