Mohammad Yunus rubbishes fraud charge labels For-Profit MFI’s Loan Sharks

Muhammad Yunus, the Bangladeshi Nobel laureate who revolutionised the microcredit sector in his country, has opined that profit-oriented MFIs like SKS Microfinance should stop calling themselves micro-financiers as they are nothing but “loan sharks”.

The social economist said the best service that for-profit MFIs can do to the sector is by stopping calling themselves as MFIs. Read the rest on TOI

mohammed yunus grameen fraud

CNN-IBN interviews Mohammad Yunus

in Bangladesh about the witch hunt directed at Grameen Bank by Bangladeshi Politicians.

Yunus refuses to step down as Grameen Bank chief

Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus who did pioneering work in the field of micro-credi today refused to step down from his position as the Grameen Bank chief, even as he is drawing huge global support against the backdrop of his row with the Bangladeshi government. Read more on MSN

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