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Mobile Governance Policy Framework – Draft Consultation Paper released

The government of India has proposed formulating a comprehensive policy on Mobile Governance.  The National e-Governance Division (NeGD) within the Department of IT has floated a Draft Consultation Paper on Mobile Governance Policy Framework, which is available online (pdf) so that various stakeholders across Government Departments, Industry, and Citizens can give their feedback and comments on the same.

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The Indian Government’s Mobile Governance Policy Framework

Download at the link here

As per the consultation paper, the M-Governance policy of the government intends to:

  • Build an enabling mobile service delivery infrastructure consisting of a Mobile Service Delivery Gateway (MSDG) that is fully integrated with the existing infrastructure created under the National e-Governance Plan (NeGP).
  • Formulate relevant standards for applications for mobile governance to ensure seamless interoperability of services across multiple service providers and multiple Government departments and agencies.
  • Develop an appropriate regulatory regime for mobile governance to ensure proper coordination among multiple stakeholders, ensure compliance with the standards for applications and ensure seamless interoperability of services and implementation of short and long codes for public services across multiple service providers.
  • Develop suitable mechanisms to enable users to pay for public services through mobile phones.
  • Identify key public services for delivery though mobile platform through stakeholder consultations.
  • Formulate a Project Assessment Framework for the Government departments and agencies to ensure compliance of services planned under the mobile governance policy.
  • Create a state of the art knowledge portal as well as various toolkits for deployment of mobile governance.
  • Develop and deploy Public Private Partnership (PPP) and Multi Stakeholder Partnership (MSP) models for design and delivery of mobile governance services as well as encouraging development of cloud based implementation models and use of light technologies.
  • Deploy an appropriate capacity building framework to enhance delivery and absorption capacity for m-Governance services.
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