Microfinance in India : Banking on debt – Al-Jazeera Report

Al-Jazeera , the world’s leading news and current affairs TV channel which has it’s headquarters in Doha-Qatar has broadcast a 25 minute special report about Microfinance in Andhra Pradesh, India in the third week of April 2011. The report is focussed on the Microfinance Crisis in Andhra Pradesh and includes interviews with MFI Clients along with a debate between political activists and MFI representatives.

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Program Duration : 25 Minutes

Program Description

Microfinance has long been seen as a way to lift the destitute out of poverty. But recently it has been hit by headlines about scores of Indian borrowers driven to suicide. Critics say the industry has grown too fast, with loose regulation creating multiple loans to overextended borrowers and allowing some unscrupulous players to thrive. A crackdown has now frozen microlending in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh, India’s most important microfinance market, with the central bank stepping in to try and stop microfinance institutions from going bankrupt.

Yet supporters for microfinance argue that extending credit to the poor, mostly women, has fostered small businesses, helped promote gender equality, lifted incomes, and improved access to food and education for some of the world’s most desperate citizens. This week on 101 East we ask, what is the future of microcredit in India? Can it improve people’s lives, or is it driving the poor into new cycles of unending debt?

Microfinance in India : Banking on debt

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