Microfinance Film Shakti Pirakkudhu screened in Bangalore

Shakti Pirakkudhu (A New Strength Is Born) is a Tamil feature film produced by Madura Micro Finance Ltd (MMFL) and was screened in Bangalore last week. The film has been written and directed by Usha Rajeswari, a veteran documentary film maker.

In the movie the protagonist is a middle aged woman with two kids and the film highlights the odds she surmounts and the difficulties faced by women in rural Tamil Nadu.shakti documentary microfinance

The Tamil film was initially conceived as a means to help the women’s self help groups in Tamil Nadu. Madura Microfinance provides microfinance to about 4,00,000 rural women.Since many rural women don’t know how to handle the finances or market their products, MMFL decided to make an educational film to help them.

Song from the Tamil film on Microfinance – Shakti Pirakkudu

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The story is about Sundari, played by Devadarshini, with whom any rural woman can easily identify with. Sundari, has two children and a wastrel of a husband. She is desperate to earn a livelihood. With the loan she gets from an SHG, she starts her own business making cloth tie bags. To succeed, she has to take on the local shopkeeper and go to the city to do market research and at the same time deal with a domineering mother-in-law and husband.

Watch the Trailer of Shakti Pirakkudhu at the link below


Speaking to the media, Usha – The Director of Shakti Pirakkudhu said “We shot the film in a village situated in Kancheepuram. The people there face similar problems. The village, like the one in the film, has no bus service. Since people have to walk 3km to a bus stop, they have no access to markets.”

Currently plans are afoot for a more mainstream release of the film along with roadshows in Tamil Nadu. The film has already been screened in villages around Madurai, Tiruchi, Salem and Chidambaram.

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