Microfinance & Business Economy Links Digest – 27th April 2010

Banks Making Big Profits From Tiny Loans – Controversial articles in New York Times about Microfinance. Heated discussion in the comments section with 190+ comments.

An IPO Is A Progression – Vijay Mahajan on stages in an MFI in the Outlook Magazine

India should take its innovation to the developed world– Sylvie Ouziel, Group COO, Accenture

Microfinance Rates will soon be a click away thanks to the efforts of MFIN.The rates should be available in a couple of months time on

Looking to the U.S. for Student-Loan Ideas from the Wall Street Journal

Profile of Swadhaar FinAccess NGO – Parent of Swadhaar FinServe Private Limited.

Profile of Utkarsh(Shree Pathrakali Finance) , and interview with it’s founder Govind Singh.

Women Self Help Group formed by bonded labourers now runs it’s own  Quarry in Tiruvannamalai district

ASSOCHAM wants Government to start  MFIs To Disburse Credit in Un-Banked Rural Pockets

The microfinance industry has decided not to work towards a ceiling on interest rates.The stand was taken by the Microfinance Institution Network (MFIN).

Microfinance data comes handy for Unique Identification Development(UID-Aadhar)

The best articles from the web.

T. N. Ninan on the four groups at work on the creeping expansion of welfare programs in India.

In addition to Parth Shah’s blog post The RTI Act: A critique, also see Opening school doors to India’s poor in the Wall Street Journal and The wrong way to school in the Mint. Also see Gurcharan Das in the Business Standard and Ashok Desai in Business World.

An editorial in the FE on one step towards India as a unified country. And, see M. Govinda Rao on the issues surrounding the `fiscal council’ proposal of the 13th Finance Commission.

The living debt by Ila Patnaik in the Indian Express.

The Indian Corporate Law blog points us to the very important prospectus of the Standard Chartered IDR on the SEBI website.

debate on how much foreign exchange reserves a country should hold.

Tarun Ramadorai on the Reinhart/Rogoff findings about sovereign default, and how to interpret their story.

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