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Doing micro business training in South Africa – E-Book

Hit the Ground Running has been comissioned by the Finland – South Africa Association and is edited by Mark Waller.

Hit the Ground Running” is a handbook on micro-business training in South- Africa based on the experiences of a project run by the Finland – South Africa Association (FSAA) and its South African partner organizations. It contains the lessons learned and the best practices applied during five years of training, mentoring and innovation. Over 1700 people have been trained in the project so far.

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About the book

Tokyo Sexwale, Minister of Human Settlements, Honorary Consul General of Finland in South Africa says:

“Social and economic issues are dynamically interrelated. Community development entails people’s economic empowerment, which affects key aspects of social development. In invigorating our township and rural communities, which are home to the majority of South Africans, we need foster the potential of people as the key resource of the country.

A valuable example of how to promote sustainable livelihoods at the level of community development is the micro entrepreneurship project, run by the Finland – South Africa Association and its partners in South Africa. This also gives an excellent possibility for businesses here in South Africa to be active in social development. Mentoring, business awards and other forms of involvement are tools to strengthen partnership between those who have gained entrepreneurial skills and those who are starting out. All this must be accompanied by job creation objectives.

In describing the process and progress of the project to nurture micro business training and activity, this booklet provides a valuable tool for other such ventures. Its aim is to draw on the experiences of the women and men involved as entrepreneurs, the best practices discovered and developed by the project, and the lessons of partnership. It is recommended as required reading for all those interested in micro business development in South African communities.”

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