MFO and FINO conduct Test pilot of New Education Tools in India

From September 21-30, MFO Training Officer Julie Lee worked closely with field officers from FINO Fintech Foundation in India to test prototypes of financial education (FE) curriculum and tools that will be used to train FINO’s customers on how to save using their FINO smart cards.

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With strong field support from FINO, Lee conducted a Master Training of Trainers (TOT) workshop for FINO trainers, who then led one TOT for FINO agents or “Bandhus” and 2 customer training workshops in a semi-urban and a rural area. Following the trainings, focus group discussions, as well as individual in-depth interviews with customers and Bandhus, were used to collect feedback on the FE materials.

The financial education curriculum includes a TOT manual for FINO trainers and a FE Trainer’s Guide which Bandhus will use to train FINO customers. The FE tools include training posters, a customer activity book, and a flipbook for Bandhus to use with customers following the customer training workshops. The response to the curriculum and tools was extremely positive – the tools engaged customers during the training sessions, and bandhus found the flip book to be a useful tool for educating customers on FINO and saving.

Based on the results from the prototype testing, MFO will work with FINO to refine the FE materials for rollout at the end of the year.

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