Mambu – Cloud based software for microfinance organizations

Mambu: A cloud MIS for MFI’s

Cloud computing is not new to us; we’ve all been using it for years now: Your web-based email like Gmail, Yahooo, Hotmail , communication tools such as Skype, video such as YouTube are all examples of cloud computing. Recently companies have started developing applications or software for the cloud, these applications run directly off the host server and through the internet without having to be installed on your computer. Mambu is one such company in this space at the forefront of developing a professional yet simple to use management information system (MIS) for microfinance institutions (MFI’s).

Mambu – Cloud MIS Software for Microfinance Companies

Mambu GmbH (mambu.com) is based in Stuttgart, Germany and is the developer of the MIS called Mambu. Mambu emerged in 2009 as the result of a research project based out of Portugal. The project was focused on Africa to uncover the needs of microfinance organizations and how technology could be used to support their operations. With a diverse team of software engineers, designers and psychologists who have worked closely with MFI’s to determine what they really need in an MIS, Mambu’s beta version was launched in 2010 and has been evolving since then.

mambu cloud microfinance computing

Mambu is a microfinance portfolio management tool delivered online as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). It has been designed from the ground up for the unique needs of MFI’s and packaged into a clean interface that is a pleasure to work with. With it, MFI’s can offer loans and savings products designed specifically for microfinance while integrated accounting and reporting take care of their business needs. What makes Mambu unique is that everything that a MFI needs to start using Mambu is available online. Organizations don’t need to download or order anything additional.

Free Microfinance Software for Microfinance NGO’s

Currently, Mambu is available in 4 languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian) and its Community Edition is absolutely free for MFIs with less than 1,000 clients. The company also provides extensive help and support to its clients, especially with regards to data migration from previous systems. However, the biggest advantages of Mambu for MFI’s is its scalability and its pay-as-you-go model. MFI’s no longer need to worry about buying expensive computer infrastructure and software licenses and pay for only what they need. For MFI’s looking to simplify and upgrade their MIS to a world class system, increasing staff efficiency by reducing operational costs – Mambu is exactly what the doctor ordered.

For more information on Mambu, log onto www.mambu.com

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