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How to maintain Investor Relations and ESOPs in Startups

IIM Bangalore in association with NSRCEL is organizing a one day workshop on how Startup’s should engage with potential and existing investors and how to best manage Employee Stock Options (ESOP’s).

The workshop is scheduled to be held from October 11 at the IIM Bangalore Auditorium at 10:00 am. Entry for the event is free and interested participants can register for the workshop at

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ESOP’s in Startups

As an entrepreneur you will find out answers to the following questions about ESOP’s.

  • What are Employee Stock Option Plans (ESOPs)?
  • Importance of Employee Stock Option Plans?
  • Whom to issue ESPOs? How to issue ESPOs?
  • What are the Cost & Criteria to issue Employee Stock Option Plans?
  • Benefits of ESOPs and Dos and Dont’s?

How to Manage Investor Relations in Startups ?

There will also be discussions about how to manage Investor relations among current and future investors and whether you company needs to create a separate Investor Relations Program.

An Investor Relations program that regularly communicates with all investors helps strengthen relationships that can support the company’s short-term and long-term growth. If the program started prior or at the same time of incorporation filing, the founders will be able to build long lasting relationships which result in a stronger company with a broader vision.

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