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Madura Microfinance launches Mobile Micro Markets

Rural entrepreneurs often have difficulty getting the exposure they need to be successful. Madura Microfinance has so far created various methods to help these business owners access new markets and learn about new opportunities and products, giving them the ability to present their products and services to our rural members.

madura microfinance 15 years

Taking this forward, in a path breaking and significant initiative, Madura Microfinance has announced that it will provide Mobile connectivity to its members across Tamil Nadu to enable them in expanding their business operations beyond limiting boundaries. The Madura Carnival, will launch this “upwardly mobile” initiative while also celebrating Madura Microfinance’s fifteenth year of operations.

Madura Mobile Micro Markets

madura microfinance m4Under the banner of m4 (Madura Mobile Micro Markets), the Micro-Markets division of Madura will dial into 3000 villages across Tamil Nadu with the aim of providing connectivity and mobile-based market linkages to its members. This initiative will run for a period of two months from February 20th to April 25th. Further, there are several activities from road shows (at the village level), events (with a group of villages), and carnivals (fun-filled events at the cluster level) that will take place with the aim of reaching 1 million people. The m4 initiative will empower members with Mobile, SIM and Voice based services while also providing the rural populace with health and business tips through Voice alerts.

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The m4 event will be launched in three phases.

Road Shows

  • Village level
  • A road show van reaches each group
  • Total of 265 road shows across TamilNadu
  • Registration for phones/SIM happens here


  • 3-5 Villages together
  • At schools| Community centers etc
  • Total of 125 events across Tamil Nadu
  • Phone distribution/training happens here


  • Cluster level
  • Large scale Fun filled event
  • Total of 50 carnivals across Tamil Nadu
  • Mega fun filled events and lucky draws happen here.

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