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M-CRIL – Microfinance India Review 2012

microfinance review

M-CRIL has released a report on the the Indian Microfinance Sector which presents an analysis of the performance of Indian MFI’s in the newly regulated environment that is emerging in response to the crisis since October 2010 in this sub-sector of the Indian financial services industry.

The full review can be downloaded at the link below :

Mcril Microfinance India 2012 Review

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M-CRIL Microfinance Review 2012 -MFIs in a Regulated Environment PDF

Preface of Mcril Microfinance Review 2012: 

This document is M‐CRIL’s latest Microfinance Review – of the performance of independent microfi‐ nance institutions (MFIs) in India providing microfinance services to low income clients. The M‐CRIL Microfinance Review has, until now, been published as


This year’s review is Volume 8 of a series that provides an empirical and analytical chronicle of the history of MFIs in India.

In keeping with M‐CRIL’s tradition of independent research and analysis, this review is published by M‐CRIL to promote understanding of the role of microfinance in the Indian economy and to focus on the current performance of the sector in relation to financial services in the country in general.

This is based on an analysis of financial data from the 56 largest MFIs in India (each with more than 20,000 borrowers) for which reasonably reliable data(audited financial statements and credible operational data) was available.

It also uses outreach and the limited social performance information provided by these MFIs and uploaded on the MIX Social Reporting platform until end‐October 2012. In addition, poverty profile information from M‐CRIL’s social ratings has been used to round out the still sketchy data available on social performance. The Table of Contents of the main report provides an outline of the report along with the Executive Summary.

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