Loan Lifecycle Manager for Microfinance Institutions – By Qualtech Consultants

Loan Lifecycle Manager – LLM is a comprehensive lending platform designed for banking and financial services industry. The platform implements the deep domain understanding and expertise gained over several years of experience. The platform is highly modular, scalable and parameterized to take care of dynamic environment that this industry operates in. It has ability to take care of various loan products like personal loans, mortgages, auto loans, consumer loans etc.


Web based system built on n-tier architecture

Built on industry standard J2EE technology platform and available                                                in multiple database flavors – Oracle, Sql Server, MySQL

Ability to work in centralized and decentralized model
Strong configuration and master maintenance module to                                                  implement diverse business policies
Effective controls and audit trails
Strong Implementation and Support

Loan Parameters/limits parameterized to implement complex                                            product policies

Generic and Flexible financial account handling
Ability to raise and track deviations
Flexible Charges Management
Asset Booking
Ability to handle multiple kinds of instruments PDC, OTC,                                                           Draft, Cash, SI, ECS
Configurable NPA Logic
Strong Collections Management

Watch a detailed presentation on how loan life cycle manage can                                                give a boost to your microfinance lending operations below

Llm Loan Lifecycle Managerv1 6

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