S E Investments Pvt Ltd appreciates by more than 100% in three weeks.

After Capital Trust it is now the turn of SE Investments Pvt Ltd which is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange to see a phenomenal increase in its share price.

SE Investments which was trading in the Rs 350 range at the starting of March 2010 yesterday closed at a new 52 Week high of Rs 765.This is also the stocks life time high.

The company has more than 1,00,000 clients with operations mainly in and around Jodhpur,Jaipur and Delhi.Unconfirmed reports from market sources indicated that a private equity investment by a large foreign based fund is likely to take place in the coming months. Speculators and traders are also buying into the stock heavily in anticipation of SKS Microfinance’s IPO.

Share Price of Seil on Bombay Stock Exchange

Stock Price of S E Investments Pvt Ltd Source:bseindia.com

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