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International Workshop on Resource Mobilization Asia 2013

An International Workshop on Resource Mobilization for NGO’s is being held from August 20th,2013 at Jaipur. The event is being organised by the Resource Alliance.

NGO’s in India

India is blessed with a  large population of 400 million who constitute the middle class but a mere 5 % of these are contributing to NGOs and charitable organizations. Equally there are a large number of High Net worth Individuals who do not contribute any donations to NGO’s. There is a dearth of skilled Fundraisers with NGOs who can access the above in a professional manner to optimize on their efforts.

Without skills NGOs find it difficult to strategies, plan, communicate and raise resources they require. It is only with skills that NGOs will be able to involve people with their causes and work and move towards sustainability, this is where the pivotal role played by the widely recognized International Workshop on Resource Mobilization Asia 2013 (IWRM) comes in.

International workshop on resources ngo

Participants at a workshop conducted by the Resource Alliance.

International Workshop on Resource Mobilization Asia 2013

The IWRM Asia is a four day conference focused on providing comprehensive training in all aspects of resource mobilisation and sustainable fundraising techniques. Through a vibrant mixture of hands-on ‘how to’ Workshops and high-energy Plenaries, our aim is to equip participants with a thorough grounding in resource mobilisation theory, as well as a set of practical techniques with which to build their fundraising capacity

IWRM Asia 2013: 20 – 23 August 2013

Venue: Jaipur Marriott Hotel, Jaipur (Rajasthan) India


The 2013 programme offers the following exciting tracks to set you on your way towards fundraising success. The programme has something for everyone, both beginner and experienced practitioners alike.

  • Fundraising Fundamentals and Strategy
  • Corporate Fundraising
  • Communications
  • Brand building of the organisation
  • Social media: How to use social media tools?
  • Financial performance and risk management

Some of the key speakers this year, whom you don’t want to miss, are:

  • Tony Elischer (United Kingdom)
  • Pesh Framjee (United Kingdom)
  • Fred Fournier (France)
  • Usha Menon (Singapore)
  • Mitch Hinz (Singapore)
  • Bow Bow Choon (Malaysia)

Networking and peer learning

With more than 200 participants from over 30 countries, the IWRM Asia attracts the key decision-makers from both small and large non-profit organisations, giving you a unique opportunity to network with non-profit professionals from across Asia and the world. It is a one stop platform that offers a unique environment for skill-sharing and peer-to-peer knowledge exchange.


Limited number of bursaries are available for small non-profit organisations based in Asia who have an annual budget of USD 50000. Bursaries include 90% waiver on the IWRM fee and travel allowance of upto GBP100 to each bursary winner. Bursary winners will receive mentoring support for six months. More details are available on the Resource Alliance website.

Discounts available

  • Group discount if you register five or more delegates from the same organisation
  • Room-share discount if you choose the twin share hotel room option

For more information on registration, programme, bursaries, discounts and venue, please visit the Resource Alliance website at

Write to or call +91 11 4135 4766

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