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Integrated Online Salary Management Systems

There are many HRM software providers in India, they are based in the cloud which means you are not required to download any software to install on your office computers. Cloud based HRM software is easy to backup and there is no fear of losing your employee data. This is the trend in payroll management suites across the globe and most of them require internet access.

Increasing compliance costs for companies has made it necessary for companies to switch to these mobile apps as you can automate repetitive tasks. TDS, VAT, Pension deduction can be programmed in the current generation of applications. You can also request some of these companies to incorporate a feature you need by contacting their support desk. They will do it at no additional cost.

The startups featured in our list below are ideal for small businesses which have 1-500 employees. Take a look at our compilation:


Rippling pays as much attention to off-boarding employees as it does to on-boarding. This ensures your compliance is always up to date. You can use Rippling to generate new offer letters, process salary payments and perform a host of  other HR functions. Rippling was started by the former CEO of Zenefits who quit the company last year. It offers most of the benefits that come with Zenefits along with some extra features.

The company offers a free version for small businesses and if you require multiple users you will need to pay US$ 15 (Rs 1000) per month. Rippling is eco-friendly as all the new hire documents and tax applications are generated and signed digitally. It can also be integrated with other apps like SalesForce, G Suite, Gmail, Drop Box and GitHub.

The Zenefits platform offers multiple integrations for Payroll and Human Capital Management. It is the ideal software for big companies as well as startups. Started in 2013, the company has quickly scaled up its offerings and is today being used by large Fortune 500 companies. Some of the compelling features of this free software suite are listed below:

  • It can be configured for automatic tax filing.
  • Automatic updates of employee profile. When an employee gets a promotion you don’t need to manually change any settings. The software changes it internally.
  • Automatic on-boarding of freshers and TDS management.
  • Background checks available for employees in some countries.
  • Business intelligence updates are integrated.
grange tower

Managing an office is now easy with a host of mobile apps.


A company can offer better deals and benefits to it’s employees using the Salary Fits solution. This cloud based solution integrates with more than 150 payroll systems globally. Once integrated your employees can benefit from a host of financial services like loans, investing advice and financial incentives. If an employee has taken a loan on this platform, his repayments will be deducted from his salary at source. This saves them the hassle of offline repayments.

The system has managed £ 15 billion till date and currently processes 4.5 million transactions monthly. With offices in India, Mexico, Portugal and the United Kingdom, Salary Fits has set lofty global ambitions.


A cloud based human resource management platform, HiBob is one of new entrants in this space. Founded in 2014, it has managed to build a streamlined platform which offers total control and helps increase employee engagement. The firm claims it can help build a company culture through the use of it’s mobile app and on-boarding tools. The company has tied up with Aviva Workplace Pension plans to offer different employee benefits.

Using the platform is free for the first 15 days and comes with full features after which it is US$ 15 (Rs 1000) per month. If you are a large organization, custom plans are also available.

cloud storage

Your data is safe in the cloud.

Salary Finance –

The company has been founded by an ex-Google employee. It is an employee benefit platform which offers loans to employees at a fixed rate. Once the loan has been fully disbursed, repayments are deducted at source from the salary. This allows your company employees to get access to loans much faster and they don’t have to worry about the repayment schedule. Salary Finance is compatible with the different payroll platforms used by companies globally. This service has received positive feedback from hundreds of companies that have integrated it into their payroll management platforms.

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