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Innovation in Farm-to-Market Logistics – IAN & Michelin Incubation

The Indian Angel Network and Michelin program for Supporting innovation in Farm-to-Market Logistics

About the program

Called F2ML, the program is designed to provide mentoring, access to funding and technical assistance by industry experts to innovators whose solutions will help make the food supply chain operate more efficiently i.e. faster, better, cheaper and generate less waste.

Farm-to-Market Logistics includes products and services in the area of procurement, transportation, storage, distribution, preservation, processing and retailing of farm produce.

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  • Applications are open from April 2, 2014 till April 30, 2014.
  • Application submission deadlines may be extended at the sole discretion of IAN and Michelin.
  • Michelin and IAN reserve the right to admit additional candidates beyond the deadline date published.

Format of the program

  • The F2ML program is a virtual incubation program, managed by IAN and supported by Michelin. Shortlisted innovators/entrepreneurs will receive assistance on designing their products or service, building the prototype, getting customer validation and preparing the foundation for commercialization of the idea.
  • The program is for a period of up to one year, with the possibility of further extension on a case-to-case basis.
  • Shortlisted applications will be invited for a one-on-one discussion, and selected innovator/entrepreneur will be assigned a business mentor from the IAN mentor pool comprising of successful entrepreneurs, investors and senior professionals.
  • The program will begin with an orientation and deep-dive interaction between the mentor and the mentee, as well as relevant persons from IAN and Michelin. The orientation session will be in Delhi. Innovator/entrepreneur(s) should ideally attend in person. However if they are not in Delhi we will connect them via Skype/Video Conference/Calls. The dates will be declared after all applications have been processed.
  • The mentor will guide the candidate/team through the duration of the program, including enabling access to industry experts and experts from Michelin, as and when appropriate.

What will you get from the program?

  • Experienced perspectives to help you take decisions on your product/service design.
  • Guidance and assistance in accessing resources – this may include (but is not guaranteed) funding and access to grants on a case-to-case basis.
  • Assistance in assessing the commercial and market viability of the concept.

What do you not get from the program?

  • While we will work with the entrepreneur/innovator to get requisite funding to convert the idea into a product, the program does not guarantee you funding. Access to funding and grants will be decided by IAN and Michelin on a case-to-case basis, based on our internal evaluation criteria.
  • The program does not provide automatic access to Michelin experts, markets and resource. Though, being a partner in the program, the intention is to make available resources and experts from Michelin that can be useful to the innovators in their endeavors.
  • The program does not offer working space or access to labs and production facilities.

Who can apply?

  • The program is open for Individual , teams or Indian start-ups and SMEs based in India
  • For innovators with patented ideas, they should have a clear title of the patent.

How to apply?

Mentor-mentee engagement

  • A mentor is a guide who can help the innovator/entrepreneur navigate the challenges and leverage the opportunities.
  • A mentor will help the innovator/entrepreneur find the solutions and not prescribe solutions.
  • A mentor will challenge the assumptions and question the fundamentals of the concept through the incubation program.
  • A mentor could make warm introductions where appropriate.
  • The mentor may ask difficult questions and give a honest point of view, even if it is not in sync with the innovator/entrepreneurs perspective.
  • The mentor may be more experienced than the innovator/entrepreneur, but not necessarily the expert in the specific domain under discussion. The mentor’s role therefore will be to provide an experienced perspective and enable access to resources, including domain experts if and when relevant and accessible.
  • A mentor [nor IAN or Michelin] is not expected to sign any non-disclosure-agreements [NDAs]
  • A mentor is not expected to take up an advisory or board seat on the mentee’s company.
  • The mentor may, but is not expected to, make an investment in the mentee company.

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