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Can india’s MFI industry be saved? News Digest

Can india’s MFI industry be saved?
Andhra Pradesh, India’s fourth largest state by area and fifth largest by population, has set a world record. About 9.2 million borrowers in the southern state have defaulted in repaying money borrowed from microfinance institutions (MFIs)—the largest number of defaulters in any location in the world. Read more on LM


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Will the For-Profit Model be Accepted in the Social Sector?
by Nachiket Mor, Bindu Ananth
Governments have proven to be too inefficient, the non-profits too small and the corporates too greedy to provide basic services. What about for-profit social enterprises? Read more: Forbes

A voice of reason amid the sound and fury of the microfinance debate
A new book charts a measured course through microfinance, but leaves a complex and crucial question unanswered. Guardian

Michael & Susan Dell Foundation Invests In BASIX Sub-K
Started in 1996, Vijay Mahajan-led BASIX is one of India’s largest development groups focusing on financial inclusion.VCC

The second wave: Indians return to launch start-ups
A few weeks ago Omar Siddiqui, 30, an American of Indian origin arrived in Bangalore with a mission—to hire key engineers and set up grabHalo, an online social network which aims to connect people across geographies.IE

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