India Microfinance Crisis : Ujjivan continues to service customers normally

Ujjivan Financial Services has issued a statement on the impact the current microfinance crisis is having on the company.The press release follows below:-

The Andhra Pradesh assembly ratified the microfinance ordinance, which lays stringent restrictions on microfinance operations in the state. The ordinance which was issued in October had triggered a crisis in the Indian microfinance industry with collections in Andhra Pradesh, which accounts for over 30% of India’s Rs.30,000 crore microfinance portfolio, dropping to 20%. This has spooked both investors and lenders – the two main sources of funding for microfinance institutions in India.

Ujjivan Microfinance Operations Unaffected by events in Andhra Pradesh

With no operations in Andhra, Ujjivan has been able to continue to lending operations as normal. However the ‘wait and watch’ approach of banks and financial institutions, Ujjivan has also been faced with a liquidity crunch. Thanks to the support of a few financial institutions, Ujjivan’s operations remain unaffected.ujjivan microfinance press release

The media has seen a milieu of voices, on either side of the microfinance movement. Below is Bloomberg- UTV’s coverage; the report comes straight from the horse’s mouth and  includes interviews with Ujjivan customers from Mumbai.

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