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India has second highest Mobile Internet Traffic growth in the world.

Admob a mobile advertising network reports that for the month of March 2010 India has seen the highest growth in mobile Internet traffic and is now second only to the United States in number of mobile advertisements served.

With an increase of 1.5% the growth in India’s share is double that any other country.

Indian Market Share of Mobile Advertising

The Indian Mobile Internet market is only a few years old and still in it’s early stages compared to the developed countries. To realize the full potential of this segment will still take a long time and the maximum growth is expected to come only in the next decade.This probably explains in part as to why Indian Telecom operators are willing to spend more than US$ 2 Billion for all India 3G Telecom Licenses.

Device Manufacturer Share – All Devices

Mobile Handset Data for March 2010 - India

Nokia has seen a drop of 3% in market share while the smaller manufacturers have gained 3 %.

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About Admob

AdMob serves Graphical Banner and Text Link ads on mobile web pages for more than 15,000 mobile sites and applications. AdMob has served more than 100 billion ads since launching in January 2006. For each ad served, AdMob leverages handset and operator data, which enable demographic, device, and operator targeting for advertisers.

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