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Incofin launches ProPulse – An Impact Investing Fund

For the first time, Incofin Investment Management has announced the launch of an impact investing fund purely dedicated to private institutional investors. The ProPulse Fund will focus on providing financial services to entrepreneurs in developing and emerging countries.

“This marks an important step in our history, as we continue to expand and diversify our investor base”, said Sara Vermeir, Director Business Development of Incofin Investment Management.

The primary objective of the ProPulse Fund is to provide people excluded from the financial sector with access to adequate financial services and to close the significant supply-demand gap between the estimated 2.6 billion people lacking access to financial services.

propulse fund

Investment strategy of the ProPulse Fund

The ProPulse Fund is designed to make debt investments in best of class microfinance institutions and will specifically address the large demand for local currency loans. The Fund characteristics and investment policy were designed in close cooperation with the cornerstone investor, a large European pension fund, and tailor-made to their specific needs.

The fund targets stable single digit returns with low volatility and offers the investor frequent redemption possibilities in combination with exposure to a diversified portfolio in terms of regions, countries and investees.

Fund investments will be made in developing countries in the following geographic regions: Africa and Middle East, South America, Central America and the Caribbean, Central and Eastern Europe, Newly Independent States (NIS), and South Asia and South East Asia. The ProPulse Fund plans to make its first investments in the Caucasus region and in Central America.

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