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Inclusive Financial Innovation Workshop at XLRI Jamshedpur : Call for Papers

Inclusive Financial Innovation

Making Finance and Insurance Markets Work for the Poor

March 1-3, 2012 XLRI Jamshedpur(India)

xlri jamshedpur

Introduction: Building an inclusive financial sector serving the asset poor households and marginalized communities, including micro entrepreneurs, who stay at the lower rung of the economic and social stratification, remains a key task of policy. Providing sustainable business and employment opportunity to the entrepreneurial class at the bottom of the pyramid require finance. Widening financial market access to these vast segments requires the design of innovative financial contracts and instruments, unbundling risk of lenders as well as borrowers. Innovations in financial contract design and risk unbundling can have tremendous potential for financial inclusion, ensuring sustainability, and at the same time enhancing confidence among formal financial institutions.

Workshop Format: The workshop is expected to serve as a forum for intensive discussion among researchers, policy makers as well as field level practitioners involved in financial inclusion.

Papers with substantial analytical aspects, models of inclusive financial innovations and field level data analysis are preferred. We encourage papers and case studies to have broader perspectives, blending both conceptual rigor as well as practical applications, including identifying policy and regulatory constraints.

The workshop is expected to be participated by a small group of experts, and therefore will have intensive discussions. Participants are expected to serve as discussants/act as session chairs.

 Submission:  Completed papers (or work in their advanced stage) are invited in all areas of inclusive financial innovations, including evaluation case studies. The Workshop will have few presentations of success stories by their innovators that have a wider replication.

Contributions in all areas of inclusive financial innovativeness are welcome:

1. Financial Market Architecture and Access to Poor
2. Financial Innovations as Market Access
3. Rural Finance Innovations
4. Pro-Poor Urban Finance Innovations
5. Micro and Small Enterprise Financing Innovations
6. Venture Capital Funds & Social Lending Arrangements
7. Structured Products, Credit Enhancements and Guarantees
8. Financial Innovations to Support Savings
9. Investment and Insurance-linked Products
10. Micro Insurance Products
11. Weather Derivatives & Crop Insurance
12. Commodity Finance and Risk Management
13. Managing Inflation Risk for Poor Households
14. Technology Innovations for Financial Inclusion
15. Transaction Banking Innovations Enabling Market Access
16. Review of International Experience

Poster Session: Case analysis, innovative research ideas and field level experiments are also considered for a poster session. Young researchers with innovative ideas/cases are particularly encouraged to apply for the poster session.

Deadline: We encourage paper presenters to intimate their submission plan at the earliest with an abstract (preferably by December 31, 2011).

Final papers (or work in their advanced stages) are to be submitted in word-format to:  byFebruary 15, 2012.

Funding: Accommodation expenses and local travel arrangements at Jamshedpur will be covered for all the speakers.  Travel expenses within India can be covered for a limited number of academic participants with completed papers (or work in their advances stage), if confirmation is received by December 31, 2011.

There is no registration fee for the presenters. Participants without presentations are requested to send a DD Rs 5000/-  in favour of XLRI Jamshedpur payable at Jamshedpur. The fee includes the cost of accommodation for 3 nights and workshop kits.

Outcome: Refereed papers and Cases of high quality presented at the workshop will be published by a well known international publisher (which will be communicated to authors in due course).

Contact: For additional information, the presenters can contact the Workshop Coordinator:

Dr H K Pradhan
Professor of Finance and Economics
Chair, Financial Market Centre
XLRI Jamshedpur, CH Area(E),
Jamshedpur 831 001, India
Phone: 0657 398 3333
Fax: 91 657 398 3001

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