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Inclusive Finance India Summit 2014

The Microfinance India Summit , an annual event organized by Access Development Services has this year re-branded itself as the Inclusive Finance India Summit and has now opened registrations for this years conference.

The Inclusive Finance India Summit 2014 is being organized this year from December 8-9, 2014 at the Ashok, New Delhi, India and it aims to bring together all stakeholders in the financial inclusion value chain and help build an eco-system where all efforts add up and contribute an aggregate outcome.

inclusive finance india summit

Inclusive Finance India Summit

This year the Summit will have the following sub-initiatives:

  • Inclusive Finance India Summit – A global platform to deliberate on issues related to Financial Inclusion, Financial Education and Financial Stability, and build a Financial Inclusion Vision 2020.
  • Inclusive Finance India – State of the Sector Report – An annual publication enabling access to research, insights, analysis and tracking the progress on the status, outlook and strategy within financial inclusion eco-system.
  • Microfinance India Social Performance Report: An annual publication with comprehensive research based analysis and documentation of data and initiatives on social performance within microfinance sector.
  • Microfinance India Awards – Instituted in 2009 and conferred annually, these awards seek to recognize and celebrate contribution of institutions and individuals in organized growth of the sector.
  • Knowledge Fair: A platform showcasing an array of products, service and publication offered by various stakeholders in the sector will be setup at the Summit.
  • Other associated events: Stakeholders to organize specific events on key themes on the sidelines of the Summit.

Inclusive Finance 2014 Themes

The indicative list of sub-themes at the Summit are as follows :-

  • Policy Drivers for Financial Inclusion
  • Differentiated banking architecture to advance Financial Inclusion
  • SHGs and MFIs – contribution to Financial Inclusion
  • Technology and Innovations
  • Mobile Wallets
  • Role of payment gateways
  • Viability of the BCs
  • Direct Benefit Transfers
  • Business case to drive Financial Inclusion
  • International experiences
  • Designing client centric products
  • Measuring Financial Inclusion: learning and recommendations

To register for the event visit :

The last date for early bird registrations are : 20th August 2014

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