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Hubstaff Talent Wins Over Indian Freelancers

Freelancing is quickly growing in popularity across the planet, people are trading their desk jobs for something more flexible and potentially more lucrative. Currently the United States has 53 million freelancers with India in second place with 15 million and soon Indian freelancers are expected to occupy 40% of freelancing jobs worldwide. It is very clear that freelancing is quickly becoming the career path of choice for many professionals, especially millennial’s.

The biggest challenge that most freelancers face when starting out is finding quality work. A large number of freelancers turn to freelance marketplaces and directories to find work but are often faced with charges and fees for using the services. Hubstaff Talent saw this major issue and decided to create a solution, they wanted to make it easier for freelancers to find work so they created their own directory. Hubstaff Talent features the world’s top freelancers and continues to grow every single day. The directory is 100% free, unlike other freelance marketplaces, and has no markups for fees for both freelancers and businesses.

hubstaff talent logoHubstaff Talent’s main objectives are;

  1. To help freelancers find quality work. Meeting new agencies and businesses is easy with Hubstaff Talent. Their clean and easy to navigate design makes creating a profile a seamless process. Once a profile is created, interested employers can reach out to the freelancers directly without the complications of a third party middleman. Freelancers can also search through hundreds of job openings already posted on Hubstaff Talent to find one that is the perfect fit for them.
  1. To help businesses and agencies discover the best freelancers on the market. Hundreds of freelancers are creating professional profiles on a daily basis and Hubstaff Talent understands the importance of attracting and retaining talented professionals which is why they keep their services free for all parties involved. Businesses can search through thousands of contractors based on skill, location or category to find the best fit for them.
  1. To help remote businesses promote their services on a global scale. Hubstaff is a time tracking software that has thousands of clients using their services on a daily basis, many of which run service-based business and are amazing at what they do. Hubstaff Talent was created as a free way to assist them in discovering more clients.

Hubstaff Talent is ideal for both businesses and freelancers. Thousands of remote startups, agencies, software companies and e-commerce businesses have chosen to use Hubstaff Talent for their recruitment needs making it easy for freelancers to find quality clients. And, with hundreds of talented freelancers creating profiles on a daily basis, any business is sure to find the perfect contractor for their team.

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