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Indian Housing Finance Market Outlook to 2015

AM Mindpower Solutions, a leading market research and information service provider in India has released it’s report on the Indian Housing Finance Market uptil 2015. The report lays special focus on the under-penetrated rural housing finance market in India.

The report can be purchased from the AM Mindpower website for US$ 750 here. The Executive Summary follow below :

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Executive Summary

The report titled “Indian Housing Finance Market Outlook to 2015 – Exploring the Under-penetrated Rural Market” provides a comprehensive analysis on Indian housing finance industry. The report discusses in details various aspects such as market size in terms of outstanding home loan and home loan disbursements by housing finance companies (HFCs) and Scheduled Commercial Banks (SCBs), market segmentation on the basis of tenure and interest rate of the loans, competitive landscape and company profiles of the major players operating in the country. The report also entails the trends, development and future drivers of Indian housing finance market.
The future projections are presented for the base case, conservative case and aggressive case scenario providing an insight on the prospects in the industry.

The real estate sector is one of the major contributors which support the economic development in the country and forms a major component of the financial sector. The FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) limit in the country was raised to 100% in housing and construction projects after witnessing a positive response from the foreign players.

The housing finance industry has leaped over the years from being run majorly by the government to crossing over ~ housing companies which are engaged in this sector. These institutions have nearly raised loan worth INR ~ billion over the country.

Indian Housing Loan outstanding increased from INR ~ billion in 2009 to INR ~ billion in 2010, registering an increase of housing loans to total loans from ~% in 2009 to ~% in 2010. The total housing loan disbursements have increased at a very high CAGR before the financial crisis. However, in 2009, the sector registered a dip in the double digit growth rate. Moreover in 2010, the growth rate increased for housing loan disbursements as market recovers, rising from INR ~ billion in 2009 to INR ~ billion in 2010.

The housing finance sector in the country is flooded with big and small players. The players spread across various areas such as government organizations, banks, HFC’s, co-operative societies and many others. Some of the big players operating in the industry are HDFC, LIC housing finance, SBI home finance, ICICI and Dewan Housing. HDFC Group which comprises of HDFC and HDCF bank along with SBI are the leading players in the home loan market in India. Both command a market share of ~%. LIC Housing Finance is the second largest player with ~% of the market. DHFL, HUDCO and IDBI group are some of the other major players in the industry with a market share of ~%, ~% and ~% respectively.

AM Mindpower forecasts a positive outlook for housing finance industry in the near future banking upon the tremendous recovery achieved in the 4th quarter of 2009-2010. Both the industrial as well as service sector has shown tremendous strong performance and has stood strong in tough situations that augment well for the future.

Key Topics Covered in the Report:

  • The market size of Indian housing finance industry on the basis of outstanding home loan and home loan disbursement by HFCs and SCBs
  • Government support and yojnas affecting the housing finance industry
  • Market segmentation of outstanding housing loan by tenure, public and private sectors, interest rate, region and others
  • Recent trends, developments and drivers in the industry
  • Competitive landscape of the various players operating in the country in housing finance market
  • Company profiles of leading players with financial performance
  • Future outlook on the basis of assumed scenarios i.e. base case, worst case and aggressive case on outstanding home loan and home loan disbursement by HFCs and SCBs
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