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Grant & Subsidy Schemes under Directorate of Animal Health 2014

a) Animal Quarantine and Certification Services (AQCS)

While efforts have been made to ensure better livestock health in the country, simultaneous efforts are equally necessary to prevent entry of any disease from outside into the country through import of livestock and livestock products.


– to strengthen Animal Quarantine and Certification Services
– to develop and implement Animal Quarantine and Certification procedures so as to prevent entry of exotic animal diseases in the country.
– to test or arrange to test samples taken from consignment of livestock and livestock products meant for import and export with facilities for pre-export and post-import quarantining of all types of livestock.

b) Disease Diagnostic Laboratories (Central/Regional Laboratories)

In order to provide referral diagnostic services one Central and five Regional Disease Diagnostic Laboratories have been set up/strengthened by the Central Government.


– Provide referral services for diagnosing various animal diseases.
– Networking of these referral laboratories with the ICAR, University and State laboratories to support their programmes on disease diagnosis.
– Study the problems of emerging diseases of animals.
– Undertake surveillance against emerging and exotic infections threatening the country.

c) National Veterinary Biological Products Quality Control Centre (Institute of Animal Health)

The Centre is under construction to ensure the quality of veterinary biologicals in the country. The Institute has the following objectives

– to recommend licensing of manufacturers of veterinary vaccines biologicals, drugs, diagnostics and other animal health preparations in the country.
– to establish standard preparations to be used as reference materials in biological assays.
– to ensure quality assurance of the veterinary biologicals both produced indigenously and through imports.

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