Grameen Surya Bijlee Foundation – Profile and Work

grameen-surya-bijlee-foundationGrameen Surya Bijlee Foundation (GSBF) is a Foundation set-up to provide lighting and other amenities to the rural underprivileged in the villages and in the semi urban and urban areas . GSBF aims to harness Renewable Energy sources, focused currently on solar energy using White LED’s (Light Emitting Diodes ) as the principal source of Luminosity .

As a goal the Foundation aims to develop solutions in Lighting so that the use of inefficient Incandescent Lamps ( power consumed as against quantum of Light output generated) and environmentally unfriendly CFL (Compact Flourescent Lamps) is reduced and thereinafter eliminated .

Watch Video(in Hindi) – This TV clip contains a segment showing houses in a village where LED lamps are installed, and includes an interview with the founder of Grameen Surya Bijlee Foundation, Jasjeet Singh Chaddah.

Grameen Surya Bijlee is also involved in village lighting

The primary goal under this objective is to provide extremely low cost, durable and efficient lighting systems to the village home and the community. Initially the goal would be to focus on providing quality and bare bone lighting to the village home and later to the community.

The underlying objective in all the programs shall be to make the village self-sufficient in meeting its energy requirements through off-grid systems, powered primarily by low energy.

LED Lamps powered by Solar Panels. The whole program is unique in that it lights up a village home with just under 2 watts of power. The light quality is good and light is available for at least 4 hours non-stop.GSBF can supply high volumes of systems having sourced components from different large sized suppliers with adequate capacity of meeting any volume which may arise.

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