Government of India launches website for Online Copyright filing

Filing copyrights can be sometimes very cumbersome and a lot of the clichéd pillar-to-post running is required. The Indian Government has recently tried making the process a tad simpler by launching a new website for the Copyrights office. –

So, how does the new website make the job simpler? Traditionally, one must visit the Copyrights office to purchase Form-IV, as it is called and after filing the required details, one has to submit it with relevant documents at the Copyrights office and then wait for a mandatory minimum period of one month before the processes move to the next step.

It becomes simpler now. With the new e-filing, you may do most of this online. People looking to file copyrights have to  register online  at the Government’s Copyrights Office website, fill in the details required on the online form and submit online. All relevant documents may be couriered. The fee that is paid can also be sent through DD/Cheque and you need upload the scanned copy for verification. The process is done.

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